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Common Rifles Searches

We have made an easy quick search of in stock rifles of selected types. You can expand your search to include out of stock items to put on stock watch and of course you can always use the "Filtered Search" at the top left to define your own searches.

NOTE: The list below are not necessarily complete.. only samples.  You can refine you search by clicking on any one selection and using the "Filter" at the top of the page to refine your search more specifically for what you are looking for.
Gun Search Name Gun Search Short Description
Assault (Long Range) 50 BMG In Stock and Out Of Stock 50 BMG rifles

Assault (semi-auto) Rifles 7.62x39 A selection of "In Stock" assault rifles in 7

Hunting / Sporting Rifles This list is a selection of some "In Stock" rifles that you might want consider for your hunting rifles or sporting rifles

Hunting Rifles - Bolt Action Bolt action rifles are the world standard for performance and accuracy

Hunting rifles - semi-auto A selection of semi-auto hunting rifles for those of you who prefer fast shooting capability

Remington Rifles Remington has been making exceptional rifles since 1816 and is currently the largest U

Tactical Rifles .223/5.56 Nato A selection of semi-auto assault rifles in

Tactical Rifles .308 caliber A selection of "In Stock" and "Out of Stock" semi-auto assault and semi-auto hunting rifles in

Tactical Rifles 9mm Shorter barrel 9mm assault rifles