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Common Handguns Searches

A selection of pistols and handguns sold online by The Gun House at super discounted prices.

NOTE: The list below are not necessarily complete.. only samples.  You can refine you search by clicking on any one selection and using the "Filter" at the top of the page to refine your search more specifically for what you are looking for.
Gun Search Name Gun Search Short Description
Beretta Handgun Beretta

Bersa Handguns Bersa is a manufacturer of reasonably priced, very good quality, traditional handguns

Bond Arms Derringers Bond Arms is the leader in over/under two shot derringers

Browning Handguns Browning is probably most noted for the Browning HiPower pistol

Charter Arms Revolvers Charter Arms

Colt Handguns Colt Handguns

Conceald Carry Revolvers Smaller lighter weight revolvers that are ideal for a concealed carry revolver

Concealed Carry Semi-Auto In this Concealed Carry pistol section, we have chosen a variety of handguns of different caliber which fit the Concealed Carry profile

CZ Pistols CZ is a world renowned manufacturer of quality firearms

Diamondback Pistols Diamondback Pistols are made in the U

E-RPC LLC 1911s (Remington) After many years of absence, Remington is back in the handgun business with the new R1 1911 style pistol

EAA Pistol EAA pistols are traditional style handguns, single/double action, and a hammer

EAA Revolver EAA revolver line is made up of several guns but the most popular is the Bounty Hunter series which is a Single Action Army style western gun and the Windicator which is a traditional 38 snub-nose revolver

FN Pistols FN founded in 1888 (Fabrique Nationale) has been famous for designing and manufacturing high quality military, law enforcement, and sporting firearms worldwide, especially for the U

Glock Pistols Glock Pistols

H & K Pistols H & K tends toward a higher priced pistol for the discriminating buyer wanting the high quality and the precision of German engineering

Heritage Western Pistols Heritage Manufacturing is a U

Hi-Point Pistols HiPoint produces a lower price pistol in the popular calibers of

IO Inc. Pistols I

Kahr Handguns Kahr Arms is an innovative firearms manufacturer producing primarily a mid-ranged to moderate priced guns

Masterpiece Pistols Masterpece Arms produces two models of small 380 concealed carry pistols, several models of Military Type assault pistols in 9mm, and an assault pistol in 45AP

Revolvers This selection of Revolvers is designed to aid you and taking a quick look at the revolvers we have "In Stock"

Revolvers - Full Size A selection of "In Stock" full size pistol revolvers

Ruger Revolvers Ruger Revolvers have and are continuing to gain recognition and popularity with shooters wanting reliable, well made, fit and finish revolvers with long life

Ruger Semi-Auto pistols Ruger semi-auto pistol sales are on the climb at a super rate ! Even though Ruger has moved away from the traditional P series type pistol, they just keep introducing pistols that the public wants

Sig Sauer Pistols SIG SAUER is an upscale priced pistol that much like Colt, just the name puts it in a class of its own

Smith & Wesson Revolvers Smith and Wesson (S&W) made in the U

Smith & Wesson Semi-Auto Smith and Wesson (S&W) offers a great line up of semi-auto pistols from the

Taurus Revolvers Taurus International - the worlds leading handgun producer

Taurus Semi-Auto Taurus International - They have semi-auto pistols ! - large frame pistols, small frame pistols, medium frame pistols - Taurus has a selection of all, and in many different styles from the Taurus 1911 to the 24/7 to the Millennium Pro

UMAREX .22 cal pistols UMAREX is primarily a producer of CO2 air guns, paintball, and airsoft gun replicas but has entered the field of firearms with their replica models of the Colt 1911, H & K and a few other models of handguns in

Walther Handguns Walther Pistols (now owned by Smith & Wesson) are probably best known for their Walther PPK 380 used by James Bond, followed by their very popular P22 which is a

Wilson Combat Wilson Combat is a producer of upscale custom handguns mostly in the 1911 style