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Warranty - Refunds - Returns

New Firearms: (No Refunds)

All new firearms are covered by one or more factory (manufacturer) warranties. The Gun House gives no expressed or implied warranty on new guns. All new firearms sales are FINAL. Any problem, defect, malfunction, etc. that might occur is to be resolved between the purchaser and the manufacturer. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to contact the manufacturer and resolve any and all such problems. 

It is the buyer's responsibility to be certain they are eligible to purchase and own the firearm that they are purchasing. TheGunHouse.com will not accept any returns nor issue any refunds to customers who were not eligible to own the gun they purchased. Reasons why one may not be eligible include failing a background check and/or state laws prohibiting its residents to own firearms of certain type. Please be sure you are eligible to purchase and own the firearm before buying from The Gun House. If you have any questions about passing a background check, most FFL dealers will allow you to come in and do a background check before you have purchased your firearm. Contact your FFL transfer Dealer and inquire about their fee for background check and transfer.

If you need to find an FFL dealer use our FFL DEALER FINDER

Order Cancellations:  Any order that has been placed and processed is subject to a cancellation fee of 10% of the total purchase price or a minimum of $25.00 which ever is greater.  

Used Firearms:

Even though The Gun House sells primarily new firearms, we from time to time will have some used guns for sale. The Gun House warranties that the used firearm purchased is in good working order and is in the condition as depicted and described. The purchaser has seven (7) days after receipt of such in which to inspect the firearm and report any malfunction or matter of condition not as presented or described. Upon such notification and validation of such, the buyer will follow the following procedure:

  • Request, via email, a refund for the purchase of said firearm. The request should include but not be limited to the invoice number of the purchase, a detailed description of the malfunction and/or the firearm failing to be as "presented" for sale.
  • Upon receipt of such, The Gun House will evaluate the request and upon determining its validity, issue a "call tag" for the firearm to be shipped back to The Gun House.
  • After receipt of the firearm by The Gun House, we will inspect the firearm as to its being in the same condition as when shipped and inspect the firearm for alleged malfunction or undisclosed condition flaw. After determining that such allegations are valid, The Gun House will refund the customer the purchase price less original shipping cost and less 3% credit card use fee. At the sole discretion of The Gun House, the deduction for shipping and 3% credit card use may be waived.