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I live in California

The Gun House is registered with the California DOJ to ship guns to dealers in California. If you live in California there are a few things you need to know before purchasing a gun.  Below we'll discuss some things to aid you in your purchase.

  • We have the "Find FFL Dealer" but just because a dealer is listed DOES NOT  mean they can or will accept guns shipped in from other states.  Using our dealer locator you can view Dealers in your zip code and surrounding zip codes near you by using the ZIP CODE FINDER.  Give the dealer a call and make sure they can and will accept out of state purchases for transfers and how much fee they charge.


  • Before you call that dealer, decide what gun or guns you might want to purchase.  When you find a dealer that does transfers, they will know if the gun you want to purchase is legal in California.  In short, any semi-auto firearm that holds more than 10 rounds is not legal in California.  But the capacity is not the only limiting factor.  Each gun that is legal in California must pass the California test and be listed on the DOJ approved firearms list.  This list changes... so ask your transfer dealer about the gun you are interested in purchasing.  You can check the list yourself at: certguns.doj.ca.gov


  • MAKE SURE you are legal to purchase a firearm in California.  If there is any question, ask the dealer if they can do the background check in advance of buying a firearm, also ask the dealer what the waiting period is for the gun you want to purchase. 

In summary:  If you don't have a dealer and have never bought guns out of state and had them shipped into California... FIND A DEALER.  Ask the dealer any questions you might have about the procedure.

Thanks -- hope this helps.
The Gun House Team