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Shotgun Chokes

Shotgun Choke Patterns and Information

The amount of choke in a barrel is determined by subtracting the inside diameter of the choked area from the diameter of the bore, both measured with special gauges.  Choke is considered Full if its choke diameter is .035 inches smaller than the bore.

Caution:  Just because your gun delivers Modified (or whatever) performance with one load doesn't necessarily mean it will do the same with other loads. Also keep in mind that just because the barrel of a gun or its screw-in choke was marked "Modified" or "Improved Cylinder" at the factory does not mean it will deliver Modified or Improved Cylinder choke performance with all loads.

Different loads from various manufacturers or even different loads from the same manufacturer can vary.  Even though the load you just tested delivered Modified performance, another load might deliver Improved Cylinder performance while the next might perform as if your gun is choked either tighter or looser.  Bottom line is shoot your gun at the paper with different loads and make your own determination of what choke and load is best suited for your shooting circumstances.

Percentage Of Shot Inside 30" Circle
CHOKE 20 Yds 30 Yds 40 yds
Cylinder (No Choke) 80% 60%


Skeet 92% 72% 50%
Improved Cylinder 100% 77% 55%
Modified 100% 83% 60%
Improved Modified 100% 91% 65%
Full 100% 100% 70%


Number Of Pellets Per Ounce
8 585 - - -
7 1/2 410 - - -
6 225 316
5 170 243
4 135 191
2 87 125
1 - - - 103
BB 50 72
BBB - - - 61