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The Gun House Blog

Important General Information

Contains information about How to Purchase firearms online, Shipping, Policies, Warranty and Returns.
Post Name Short Description
Shipping Information The shipping policies, means, and restrictions of The Gun House.
How to buy Firearms Online A step by step description of how to purchase firearms ONLINE from The Gun House.
Privacy Policy Your Privacy if Important to us.
About Us A few words about TheGunHouse.com - our past and our future.
Warranty - Refunds - Returns A description of what TheGunHouse.com does and does not warranty plus our "used gun" warranty and return/refund policy.
MAP pricing What is MAP pricing? One advantage of being a Registered Member.
Feedback We want our customers Feedback and suggestions !
Terms of Use Rights Granted, not granted, and resposibilities of The Gun House and its users.
Shipping Fees A description of how The Gun House calculates shipping cost to the customer.
Contact Us contact information for TheGunHouse.com i.e. The Gun House
Shotgun Chokes A discussion and illustration of shotgun choke patterns and why the shooter should make his/her determination of the choke they choose to use for a particular purpose.
I live in California A brief discussion about some things that need to be done before purchasing a gun if you are a California resident.
Double Action ? Single Action ? What makes a gun double or single action.
How much is my freight cost ? Tells registered members how to find the freight shipping cost of the gun they are interested in buying online.
AR15 Terms and Info A general discussion of AR15 terms and description of different types of sights.