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The Gun House is a licensed FFL dealer in Mesa, Arizona. All prices reflect a 3.5% cash discount. We accept Master Card, VISA, and Discover but you forfeit the 3.5% discount


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Our Stock Watch program offers many advantages to our members. When items are out of stock, often because they are rare or hard to get, you can add them to your stock watch which will trigger us to try and find that gun..... Learn More About Stock Watch

  • Great Selection -- Great Prices

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  • Handguns from These Top Brands and many more!

    Glock Pistols
    GLOCK is a well known and respected brand known for their reliable handguns that are simple to clean and maintain. Not only are GLOCKs high quality but they are fairly affordable as well.

    Sig Sauer Handguns
    Sig Sauer makes a large number of incredibly high quailty and performance pistols.

    They offer handguns in many popular calibers such as 9mm, .45 APC, 40 S&W, 380 and more!
    Smith N Wesson Revolvers
    Smith & Wesson is known for their extensive collection of newer as well as western style revolvers along with the M&P guns that are gaining in popularity.

    Heckler & Koch Small Arms
    Heckler & Koch specializes in a number of small arms as well as being a manufacturer for military, law enforcement, and civilian use of tactical weapons.

  • Rifles for Hunting and Target Shooting

    Weatherby Rifles
    A long history and pioneer in quality rifles.
    Bushmaster Assault Rifles
    The national sales leader in AR15 and other assault rifles.
    Remington Rifles

    The U.S. leading manufacturer of affordable high quality rifles.

    Winchester Rifles
    Winchester rifles were there when the west was won and is still an American Icon today.
  • Hunting Shotguns and Home Defense

    Mossberg Shotguns
    Mossberg has a long history in the U.S. of providing affordable yet quality shotguns. A wide selection of shotguns from hunting shotguns to home defenseā€¦ Mossberg has them all.
    Browning Shotguns
    Browning Shotguns
    The choice of many hunters
    and clay and trap shooters. The Browning over / under is a standard for quality but don't overlook Brownings semi-auto shotguns !
    Remmington Shotguns
    Remington Shotguns are
    an American Standard in Quality
    shotguns for all purposes. Both Hunting Shotguns & Home Defense